Behold! The Power of Life Insurance!

Wanted to share this article written about life insurance, by our representative Matthew Gouin, a few years back. Very helpful information!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 11:18am ·

By Matthew Gouin, Field Trainer

I’ve helped seniors with their retirement for the last several years now and I’d like to share a few ideas that have helped others I’ve met along the way.Life Insurance can be a powerful tool and can be used for much more than covering one’s final expenses. There are many ways to use life insurance and I’m going to share a few. The first is through Pension Maximization. When choosing a pension payout, you typically have several monthly options. Many retirees choose to take a partial amount to provide a widows benefit for their spouse. In doing so you will receive a lesser amount. I recommend taking the full amount and using the difference to invest in a life insurance policy. You can provide a large lump sum to your spouse rather than a monthly payout.

In addition to Pension Maximization, many of my clients are choosing life insurance to leave behind a legacy or offset estate taxes. The end of 2010, means the end of the Bush tax cuts. Starting in 2011 estate tax could be as high as 55% over the $1,000,000 exemption. Instead of using a monthly income to pay premiums, we will utilize the Required Minimum Distribution or (RMD) from IRAs to pay annual premiums. This gives the client cheaper premiums by paying annually, an answer on how to use the mandatory RMD, and it also creates a tax free benefit to whomever you choose.

Many retirees I meet with have old life insurance policies saturated with cash value. If you cash in the policy you will forfeit your death benefit and pay taxes on part of that money. If you borrow against it, you must pay that loan back plus interest. In most cases when you pass away that cash value stays with the life insurance company. There are few options to use that cash value so what good is it? Did you know that you can use that cash value towards the purchase of a new policy? Even though you may be 10,20,30 years older you can utilize that cash value to work for you. Insurance companies are more concerned with the health of an applicant than their age. Last year I had an 80 year client issued Preferred due to her good health.

Through a 1035 Exchange, we can transfer the proceeds from an old life insurance policy to a new life insurance policy with no tax consequences. Ultimately, this provides clients with three options: 1) Pay the same premium and maximize death benefit 2) Keep the same death benefit and reduce premiums considerably, or 3) Sometimes a policy that is completely paid-up.

2012 Update

As many of you may know, we relocated this fall into a corporate office suite in Summerville, SC. As our business continues to grow and expand we have recently welcomed in a group of new representatives from the Newport News, Virginia area. This team is being led by Branch Manager Erik Goerman who has had many years in the financial services industry.

Cornerstone has always tried to utilize modern resources to benefit both our employees and our clients. That is why we’ve recently started branching out by using a variety of Social Media Networks. Taking advantage of these avenues opens up many doors for our Financial Advisers and Representatives. It also allows us to keep our clients updated on what kinds of new products and services we can offer them! 

As this growth and expansion continues we will be updating this blog regularly with information that can benefit everyone!

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